chain necklace

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chain necklace
Blue Chalcedony 


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18ct Gold Plated on Sterling Silver

This chain necklace in a contemporary design, is set on 18ct gold plated on sterling silver. It features an organic and earthy feel, reminiscent of the Amazon rainforest. The simplicity of this blue chain necklace combined with the colours that it captures makes it an easy to wear piece of jewellery.  

Measure: Approx. 45 cm


Product Code: AMA29

GENERAL INFORMATION: Please note that because the jewellery is entirely handmade and not mass production, it is likely that variations, and sometimes minor imperfections can occur, which makes every single piece unique. All jewellery pieces are made using natural gemstones. The unique properties of gemstones (which are inclusions, textures, colour and marking variations) are typical features of a natural product. These variations do not affect the appearance of the jewellery, but highlight the fact that each piece is unique!