Her Story

Donatella Balsamo e-boutique was founded in 2016 by Italian, London-based Donatella Balsamo. Driven by her passion for jewellery, through strong observation skills and eye for detail, Donatella has carefully studied over the years the variety of styles, changing trends and techniques used by famous brands. Since a very young age jewellery has been her passion, down to appropriating her mother’s jewellery set, in order to role play in front of the mirror. She used to spend hours in her room, sketching out designs and cutting photos out of magazines, with the desire that one day she would become a designer.                                                                                                                                     

Donatella was brought up in an environment where appreciation for art and antiquity was always of a great interest. Being exposed to famous designers and understanding the importance for high quality in her native country of Italy, Donatella has developed a strong sense of style and has always had an innate creativity and instinct for beauty. 




‘I have always searched for beauty in everything’ 


Throughout her life, her love for design continued as she travelled to different parts of the world and initiated intensive research of various styles, forms and materials. Her interest for oriental cultures and the architecture of South East Asia, Morocco and India has broaden her perspective in creating and sourcing designs. When exploring the beautiful city of Jaipur, in Rajasthan, Donatella encountered talented artisans who were able to create beautiful jewellery pieces entirely handmade. Their extraordinary skills has been a great source of inspiration for Donatella and that’s when she saw the opportunity to combine their craftsmanship with her creative vision.

Whilst on her journey in India, she finally decided to pursue her dream of a life-long passion for jewellery and gemstones!