About The Brand

Donatella Balsamo is a jewellery brand specialising in exotic jewellery with a contemporary edge. The production takes place in Rajasthan, a region of India that Donatella has had the opportunity to explore during her annual trips to Jaipur, which has had a large impact on her design.

The brand is born out of a real passion for ethnic and cultural aesthetic forms and a commitment to entirely handmade pieces of jewellery. Indeed each piece of the collections is handmade using only natural semi-precious gemstones on sterling silver and 18carat gold plating, at times combined with other materials such as brass and leather.

The finishing of the metal and the irregular shapes of each piece reflects ‘a made of nature’ feel, featuring organic forms consistent with the entirely handmade production. Most of the jewellery is made in a hammered, oxidised and black rhodium finish, in order to offer contemporary and easy to wear pieces of jewellery, brightened up by the variety of colours of the gemstones. The combination of cabochon cut gemstones on matt finishing metal gives a vintage appearance to the pieces, making Donatella Balsamo’s jewellery a unique fusion of contemporary, yet classic design and a perfect stand out for a distinctive accessory to compliment any outfit for any occasion.



"I am inspired by organic natural shapes and geometric minimalist lines, resulting in a broad genre of designs." 

The brand’s aim is to bridge the gap between high street accessories and high-end jewellery, in order to offer unusual, beautiful pieces at affordable prices. The difference from other established brands on the market is that Donatella Balsamo offers a different type of design, less ‘polished’ and more ethnic with an ‘exotic feel’. She proposes a mixture of vintage-heritage style with an antiquity feeling and a contemporary twist.


“My jewellery is designed for those who seek something different and eye-catching whilst appreciating ethnic influences" 


GENERAL INFORMATION: Please note that most of our pieces are in matt finishing to give a vintage feel to our designs. Because the jewellery is entirely handmade and not mass production, it is likely that variations and sometimes some minor imperfections can occur, which makes every single piece unique. All jewellery pieces are made using natural gemstones. The unique properties of gemstones (which are inclusions, textures, colour and marking variations) are typical features of a natural product. These variations do not affect the appearance of the jewellery, but highlight the fact that each piece is unique!